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About EPI Autosports

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A Little Background of EPI Autosports & myself the owner of EPI Autosports Brian Jenkins and my family!

I have been a fan of Off-Road and On Road vehicles since I was a kid. Both of my parents worked hard to teach me how to think & figure out how things worked at a young age. As they could not keep paying for repairs. They help prepared me to follow my goals to become a mechanic. So I spent all of my free time in the garage learning everything I could about fixing cars, as well as a few of my own. That has lead me to Achieve the highest level of education and experience to fix today's automobile's , I have completed my associate degree in automotive, hold a Master Lic in Electrical Theroy, Completed and Received my Dipolyma in Welding as a certified Arc Mig & Tig Welder, and became ASE Certified as a Master Mechinc. I have over 20 years of experince and have completed over 7 years of collage just to be able to keep up with the technoligy advancement that has been made in the Automoblie Industry. So I can keep doing what I love, repairing automobiles and Building them to be a totally Custom Buggy. 

In my Closing thoughts here is my advice to you. The one Lesson I learned is to never stop learning. With all of my Experience and Education I still Learn from people I work with and others. The Mind is Not Meant to stop Learning. So do what you love and Together we can learn how much fun is waiting out there for each and everyone of us. God Bless Everyone and God Bless The United States Of America!

Thank you,

Brian Jenkins 

EPI Autosports Custom Builds

I've never met a car or buggy I didn't like, but my personal favorites  are the Rock Bouncer and Crawlers. I love it when I get to ride one of my Rigs in front of people that has never seen what these custom crawler and bouncer are able to do. It makes all the hard work worth it when you can make an impression on the youth and maybe strike a interest in this fast growing sport. I love showing the Rigs to the Youngster out there. You can just see the WOW in there eyes, and who knows they may build there own one day.


How to See EPI Autosports Custom Builds and ride with us!

I don't do all this work just to let my Rigs stay in the garage! I drive my Buggys to ORV Parks all over the southeast. If you're interested in seeing the work I've done in person, keep an eye out at Off-Road Parks near you for EPI Autosport. If you are in the southeast you can come to see our showroom and  walk our shop and meet the entire staff. we are located at 

3535 Bynum Leatherwood Road

 Anniston  AL.  36201 

Or you can also follow us on Face Book! to keep up with all of our scheduled rides and charity rides we attend too. We will announce all of our planned rides and have free give aways on every charity ride we attend too with every donation made.